We are Gold Heat

Back in 2002, Ken Millard developed a method to design and manufacture a customized electric radiant heat mat for the RV industry. His system is now a feature in many Class A luxury coach models.

Now, almost 20 years later, in addition to serving the RV industry, Gold Heat introduces its award-winning, electric radiant floor heat product to home builders and commercial construction.

The Gold Heat electric radiant heat mats are designed and manufactured in the United States. Gold Heat’s electric radiant heat mats are custom-designed, handcrafted, and supported from its headquarters outside Portland, Oregon.

Give Gold Heat your floor plan, and we will custom design a radiant heat mat that is an exact fit – even around the fixed furniture and toilets.

Gold Heat staffs an exceptionally knowledgeable team of radiant heat experts that provides tiny house and residential home builders, and RV / motor coach manufacturers electric radiant floor heat mats with 1-step installation, diagnostics help, troubleshooting assistance, and reliable after-sales support.

Gold Heat winds IBS Awards finalist for best indoor product

Did you know…

Gold Heat is the only manufacturer of electric radiant heat mats that build their product to be able to diagnose a problem and repair it instantly.

Brian Bishop radiant floor heat workshop with tinyhouse.com for

“I wanted to make Gold Heat a customized electric radiant heat mat that would be “install-ready,” right out of the box!”

— Ken Millard, Gold Heat Inventor

Team Gold Heat

Ken Millard, P.E.
Ken Millard, P.E. Gold Heat Founder / President
Brian Bishop, P.E.CEO
Joey Leffel, M.A.
Joey Leffel, M.A. Director of Marketing
Bill McConahyDirector of Sales
Jennifer MendenhallAccounting
Steven JanesEngineering Manager
Jim Pfaltzgraff, P.E.
Jim Pfaltzgraff, P.E. Sr. Design Engineer
Kyle Nasman
Kyle NasmanDesign Engineer