BLACK GOLD FAQs2020-10-16T10:56:39-07:00
Can I get Black Gold heat film sent overnight?2020-10-14T08:42:46-07:00


How far away do I keep Black Gold from cabinets and fixed objects (like a kitchen island)?2020-10-11T14:45:58-07:00

When installing Black Gold radiant heat film with cabinets and fixed objects, lay the film and install at least 2” away from these items.

If I have extra cold lead wire length, can I trim off what I don’t need for my installation?2020-10-11T14:44:53-07:00

Gold Heat does not recommend that you trim off additional cold lead wires.

What is the largest area that can be heated on one mat?2020-10-11T14:43:54-07:00

Black Gold radiant floor heat film comes in widths of 10’ and 20’ but can be ordered up to any length that is needed.

Does Gold Heat sell a thermostat that would operate a Black Gold radiant heat film?2020-10-11T14:43:09-07:00

Yes. Gold Heat has the right thermostat to operate the Black Gold radiant heat system.

How much electricity does a Black Gold system use?2020-10-11T14:40:55-07:00

Watts per square foot: 15


What sizes is the Black Gold film?2020-10-11T23:01:33-07:00

Widths come in 10” and 20” with lengths of your choice.  Click here to see our sizes and ordering information. 


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