BLACK GOLD FAQs2020-10-16T10:56:39-07:00
How much power does a Black Gold system use?2021-03-01T15:02:43-08:00

Our Black Gold Panels are manufactured to produce 15 watts per square foot.

Does Gold Heat sell a thermostat that will operate Black Gold?2021-08-09T14:34:25-07:00

Yes. Gold Heat stocks a thermostat that is equipped with a floor sensor for operating radiant floor heating systems and fits in a standard junction box.

What is the largest area that can be controlled by one thermostat?2021-03-01T15:00:39-08:00

Our standard thermostat can control 1800 Watts at 120V and 3600 Watts at 240v. Black Gold Panels are manufactured to produce 15 watts per square foot.

If I have extra cold lead wire length, can I trim off what I don’t need?2021-03-01T14:57:48-08:00

It is ok to trim the cold leads.  However, you need to move the product label to the end of the shortened lead. Please note: On the Gold Heat system you must NOT trim the cold lead. Trimming the cold lead will remove the ability to provide diagnostics on the system.

Can I get Black Gold sent overnight?2021-03-05T11:50:21-08:00

We can ship packages using any method from ground to overnight. However we do ask for a few days to process your order as our mats are custom-designed and made-to-order.

Is Black Gold UL listed?2021-03-01T15:42:14-08:00

Yes. Black gold is UL listed in both the USA and Canada.

Can I get Black Gold heat film sent overnight?2021-01-13T14:56:09-08:00


How far away do I keep Black Gold from cabinets and fixed objects (like a kitchen island)?2021-05-12T08:59:50-07:00

When installing Black Gold radiant heat film with cabinets and fixed objects, lay the film and install at least 2” away from these items.

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