25 10, 2021

Bathroom remodeling trends from the last 100 years.

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Popular bathroom designs from the 1960s Bathroom remodeling trends in the last 100 years. With its sink, tub, and toilet, the bathroom was an invention of the 20th century. Though the toilet was already invented, the wealthy enjoyed the concept of a dedicated room for personal hygiene and grooming.  How did the bathtub

8 10, 2021

Gold Heat Plans to Introduce its Low-Profile Radiant Floor Heat Film Product at 2022 KBIS Show in Orlando, Florida.

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Gold Heat Plans to Introduce its Low-Profile Radiant Floor Heat Film Product at 2022 KBIS Show in Orlando, Florida. The greatest thing to meet LVP! Gold Heat introduces its pre-terminated, electric radiant floor heat film designed for today’s popular, low-profile flooring options. Gold Heat Plans to Introduce its Low-Profile Radiant Floor Heat Film Product at

4 10, 2021

What Kind of Truck Do I Need To Safely Tow A Tiny House?

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Guest Blogger: Ryan Mitchell @ The Tiny Life What Kind of Truck Do I Need To Safely Tow A Tiny House? When I decided to move my tiny house, there was a lot to learn. First, let me say that towing a tiny house is slightly (or maybe not-so-slightly) terrifying. It’s a big undertaking, and

4 09, 2021

First President Of THIA Endorses ASTM Tiny House Standards

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By Guest Blogger:  Janet Thome Thom Stanton President Emeritus, Tiny Home Industry Association I wish to offer my support of ASTM International guiding the collaborative development of standards for a tiny house.  Additionally, standards suitable for smaller-sized permanent homes, relocatable residences, and tiny home-related housing products. Here is a quick summary of my thoughts and

19 08, 2021

The ugly rumor about installing electric radiant floor heat in a tiny house.

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The ugly rumor around the tiny house building community There is a rumor floating around the tiny house-building community. The rumor is a tiny house can't handle the power requirements of a 15w/sq ft radiant heat product.  In other words, electric radiant floor heat is a power hog. Oh contraire, mon frere! That assumption is

9 08, 2021

Tiny Home Radiant Floor Heating

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Is Radiant Floor Heating Dangerous For Tiny Homes? Compared to other types of heating solutions, radiant floor heating is actually ideal for tiny homes that have both energy and space concerns. Compared to traditional forced-air heating, radiant heating for floors costs less, takes up less space and works better, allowing you to heat your entire

9 08, 2021

Electric Radiant Floor Heating – The Differences

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How Does Radiant Floor Heat Differ From Conventional Heating? Most people don't think twice about their home's heating system. After all, if the mercury drops and you turn on the heater, why go looking for a problem? But traditional central heating has been around for almost a century -- since the 1930s -- and

2 08, 2021

Top Five Reasons a Tiny House Builder Should Consider Radiant Floor Heat

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Radiant floor heat is more affordable and more power efficient than you thought possible FACT:  Radiant floor heat is 6x more efficient in heating a home than a typical mini-split heater. Radiant floor heat isn't just for the rich and famous. With the small amount needed for a tiny house bathroom, it's a financially attainable

2 08, 2021

The Advantage of Radiant Floor Heating

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Comfort and Health Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating If you were to design a system to evenly heat a home, you wouldn't want to go for a traditional heater that heats the air. That's because air heating is notoriously inefficient. At the vent it could be 100+ degrees, while over in a corner it

2 08, 2021

Tiny House Insulation Types and Best Practices

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Guest blogger: TinyHouse.com When you're ready to consider the heating system, talk to Gold Heat about Black Gold radiant floor heat film for low-profile flooring.  You DO have enough power to run radiant floor heat - let us tell you why. One of the best things about tiny houses is energy efficiency — that’s definitely

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