6 04, 2021

Tiny House Insulation and Best Practices

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How to approach tiny home insulation If you don’t know much about a tiny home's insulation, how do you approach this crucial issue? One of the things that you need to keep in mind is — heat rises. Therefore, make sure that your insulation plan reflects that. Ensure that the thickest layers of insulation are

5 04, 2021

Radiant Floor Heat Installation: A smart installation trick

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A smart radiant floor heat installation trick! Replacing a radiant floor heat temperature gauge Have you ever had to swap out a radiant floor heat temperature gauge? What a pain, right?Next time you install radiant floor heat, route a pocket in the subfloor to hold a piece of copper tubing.           

1 04, 2021

What furniture do I need for a tiny house?

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What furniture do I need for a tiny house? A Room-by-Room Guide to the Furniture You Need for Your Tiny Home ...and recommendations for where to find it! Guest Blogger: The Tiny Life @ thetinylife.comTiny House Furniture If you’re considering the tiny life, you may be wondering what tiny house furniture you will need for

22 03, 2021

What tiny house builders say about using radiant floor heat.

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What do tiny house builders say about installing radiant floor heat in a tiny house? Tiny House building experts, Jason, and Zach Francis agree on Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats and Black Gold radiant floor heat film under the flooring of a tiny house.What's the difference between Gold Heat's tiny house

1 03, 2021

Gold Heat Sponsors RVWA Drab-to-Fab RV Remodeling Project

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Gold Heat provides the RVWA RV refurbishing project, Drab-to-Fab with its Black Gold RV floor heat film. Drab to FAB is a project created and executed by RV Women's Alliance taking place at the RV Technical Institute, the industry's leading training center located in the heart of Elkhart, Indiana.  Female volunteers from organizations

18 11, 2020

Tinyhouse.com calls Gold Heat’s electric radiant floor heat a multi-use, home heating solution for tiny and small houses.

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Gold Heat introduces its electric radiant floor heat mat concept to the tiny house industry during Tinyhouse.com's global virtual conference. Lindsay Wood, Jason Francis, and Zack Francis of Tinyhome.com discuss the benefits of Gold Heat's multi-solution radiant floor heat mats.     Gold Heat participated in Tinyhouse.com's ONLINE GLOBAL TINY HOUSE CONFERENCE, November 13-15, 2020.

16 11, 2020

How big can your tiny house on wheels be on the road?

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  So, how big CAN your tiny house on wheels be on the road?  What is the Department of Transportation say about permittable sizes of tiny houses on wheels on the road? Recently, Gold Heat sponsored the tinyhouse.com's ONLINE GLOBAL TINY HOUSE CONFERENCE where CEO, Brian Bishop spoke about integrating radiant floor heat into a

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