Gold Heat Plans to Introduce its Low-Profile Radiant Floor Heat Film Product at 2022 KBIS Show in Orlando, Florida.

The greatest thing to meet LVP! Gold Heat introduces its pre-terminated, electric radiant floor heat film designed for today’s popular, low-profile flooring options.

Gold Heat Plans to Introduce its Low-Profile Radiant Floor Heat Film Product at 2022 KBIS Show in Orlando, Florida.  Gold Heat, America’s premier manufacturer of customized electric radiant floor heat mats, announces its plans to launch its Black Gold® radiant floor heat film to the kitchen and bath industry at the 2022 KBIS Show.

“We are excited and curious to learn how the Kitchen and Bath Industry will receive our Black Gold electric radiant floor heat product,” says Bill McConahy, Director of Sales for Gold Heat.

The Gold Heat introduction in 2021.

Last year, Gold Heat introduced its customized electric radiant floor heat product, also called Gold Heat®, at the 2021 virtual International Builder’s Show (IBSx).

Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat introduced at IBS Show 2021

Gold Hit scores as a finalist upon introduction of its custom radiant floor heat product at the international builders show 2021

The company entered their customized floor heat mat in the Best of IBSx competition. The Gold Heat mat touts itself as the only radiant floor heat product that installs in less than (20) minutes. The company was recognized as a Finalist in the Best Indoor Product category.  Now, almost one year after the IBSx show, Gold Heat is introducing the thinnest member of its electric radiant floor heat product line – Black Gold radiant floor heat film.

“There are several differences between the Gold Heat and the Black Gold Heat product,” explains McConahy.

Therefore, while both products operate 15W per square foot, both are pre-wired and pre-terminated, and ready to install straight out of the box. The most significant differences between the two are product application, material stack up, and flooring material.


What is the difference between Gold Heat and Black Gold electric radiant floor heat systems?

For example, Gold Heat is a custom-built heat mat designed to fit all around the floor space. The mat covers the entire floor area, allowing for even heating throughout the space. In contrast, Black Gold film is premeasured film strips (available in 10” and 20” strips). If your floor plan is rectangular, the floor heat film strips will lie side-by-side, creating multiple channels of radiant floor heat.

Additionally, the Gold Heat mat design is ideal under thicker flooring materials such as natural stone tile. The Black Gold heat film is thin. This design keeps the flooring stack up low while using thinner flooring materials such as luxury vinyl plank.

“Probably the most significant difference between a Gold Heat mat and the Black Gold film is the installation process,” explains McConahy.

How do you install Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats

The Gold Heat mat folds out like a table cloth and lies around the room’s fixed furniture – like toilets or kitchen islands and requires thinset to adhere itself to the subfloor. Black Gold heating film rolls out to cover floor area and mounted to the subfloor with spray adhesive.”

Both Gold Heat products are straightforward and effortless to install.

For a quick installation demonstration of Gold Heat, click here.
For a quick installation demonstration of Black Gold, click here.

“The Gold Heat company wants to be the Kitchen and Bath industry’s source for electric radiant floor heat,” admits Bill.

No other manufacturer of electric radiant floor heat systems offers the fastest and easiest installation. Plus, Gold Heat is supportive of your kitchen and bath project, offering personal design assistance, installer training, diagnostics, and technical support. Gold Heat designs, manufacturers, and supports their award-winning electric radiant floor heat products from Hillsboro, Oregon.