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How much heat is lost in a typical forced heat system?2021-01-13T14:57:06-08:00

Gold Heat radiant heat mats keeps the floor, in any room, evenly-heated and cozy from the ground up.

Look at the difference, under floor heating makes vs. a typical forced heat system.

While your forced heat is unevenly heating your room and sending heat to the ceiling, Gold Heat electric radiant heat mats comfortably warms the floor from the ground up; keeping the heat, at your feet, where it’s supposed to be.

Gold Heat electric radiant heat mats are customized and hand made to fit to any RV’s floor plan.

With radiant heat, there are neither forced heat blasts nor temperature variations. There’s simply steady, even heat.  Simply put, Gold Heat’s electric radiant under floor heat mats evens out the heat distributed throughout the coach.

When is the best time to install radiant floor heat?2021-01-13T14:57:08-08:00

When you are ready to replace your flooring.

Installing Gold Heat® radiant flooring requires that your existing floor be removed completely and replaced with ceramic tile. The mats are embedded in the thinset (also known as mortar), and the tile laid down like any ordinary tile job.

If you are considering new flooring, having Gold Heat®️ electric radiant heat mats installed at the same time is not difficult.

Why a Gold Heat or Black Gold Heat mat over other radiant heat mat companies?2021-01-14T11:37:49-08:00

Gold Heat® manufactures the only hand-crafted, electric radiant heat mat product that can diagnose a malfunction and be repaired. Typically, with other radiant heat mat products, if an area of the heat mat is not heating anymore, that panel cannot be repaired.

I have a complicated-shaped bathroom. Will that be an installation nightmare?2021-01-14T11:39:14-08:00

We would recommend a custom-sized Gold Heat®️ brand mat.  The design of the Gold Heat®️ mat will be custom designed exactly to the dimensions of your floorplan.  Literally, when your flooring contractor takes the Gold Heat®️ radiant heat mats out of the box, it is a match to your floor plan and is ready to be spread out and installed.

Gold Heat®️ designs its radiant heat mats exactly to your room dimensions, careful to go around all stationary items like the toilet, the tub, the shower stall, and the vanity. The green represents where Gold Heat® wires will lay on the floor.

What is the electrical output of a Gold Heat electric radiant heat mat?2021-01-13T14:58:19-08:00

Gold Heat®️ mats are designed to radiate (14 watts per square foot and deliver about as much interior heat as a small space heater or electric fireplace.

In a mild climate, the radiant heat, from the Gold Heat®️ electric radiant heat mat, is adequate to keep the interior warm on its own.  However, in very cold weather, the furnace would still be required.

The good news is, the addition of Gold Heat® under floor radiant heat makes for even warmth distribution and reduces the amount of time your furnace has to run.  That’s green!

Can a homeowner order Gold Heat heat mats directly from Gold Heat?2021-01-13T14:58:19-08:00

Unfortunately, no.  Gold Heat® electric radiant heat mats are typically sold directly to an installer who will professionally build the heat mats into the flooring installation.

How much will it cost to install Gold Heat electric radiant heat in my home?2021-01-13T14:58:19-08:00
  1. Decide which rooms you are interested in laying radiant heat mats?
  2. What type of flooring were you thinking about installing?
  3. Contact a flooring contractor and tell them you are looking to install the new flooring and would like an installation estimate.
  4. Provide your contractor with dimensions of the room you would like to install the new flooring and radiant heat mats.
  5. Your flooring contractor can give you an idea of how much it will cost to install Gold Heat radiant floor heat and your floor coverings.
What does radiant heat look like under my floor?2021-01-14T11:40:46-08:00

A Gold Heat® radiant heat mat is made with a rugged heating wire attached to an open-weave mesh for an easy installation.

When your floor is powered up, through a thermal camera, you can see the heat trace distributed throughout your floor area. Those wires under your flooring is what is heating your space.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs

Those yellow wires under your flooring is what is heating your space. Your floor radiates 85.2 degrees, while everything the radiant heat runs into is at 73.1 degrees.
Imagine how cozy your feet will be touching the radiant warmth of Gold Heat’s under floor heat technology.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs

After your radiant heat has been installed, your RV dealership’s installation tech will read your floor to make sure that the Gold Heat system is powering up and running smoothly as it should.

Through this thermo camera, the RV tech checks for any hotspots in the wiring.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs
Do I have to redesign the room to have Gold Heat mats installed under my floor?2021-01-14T11:41:29-08:00

Absolutely not.  As a matter of fact, Gold Heat designs a Gold Heat mat identical to your floor plan.  Gold Heat design engineer’s work with your floorplan to create a perfect-fit heat mat(s).  Then, the Gold Heat production team handcrafts your radiant heat mat

A happy senior woman reading about some electric radiant floor heating faqs

“The home has a variety of flooring types—tile, hardwood, and some carpet—so the flexibility in flooring that comes with choosing radiant heat is definitely a benefit. We chose Travertine flooring and laid Gold Heat mats in the bedroom, bathroom, and family room.”


Gold Heat Customer

Bend, OR

As the system runs beneath the surface and out of sight, there’s virtually no need to compromise your home’s design for your heating system.

Gold Heat® electric radiant under floor heat mats lets you arrange your furniture the way you want, without worrying about blocking a register or having to sacrifice square footage to a radiator.

Plus, a high-efficiency, electric radiant heat system from Gold Heat® allows you a lot of choices in flooring materials that you can install over the mats.

A Gold Heat® or Black Gold electric radiant heat mat is safe enough to sit below carpets, ornate tile and marble, and even patterned hardwood!

My home has high ceilings. Won’t the heat just rise up there anyway?2021-01-14T11:42:19-08:00

In homes with high ceilings, standard heating options tend to fall short. Because hot air rises, the gusts of warmth generated by a forced-air heating system naturally travel toward the ceiling, prompting homeowners to crank up the thermostat just to feel any heat on the main level.

However, Gold Heat radiant heat mat’s thermal radiation warms what it reaches first—your floor, the furniture, people sitting in a living space, your feet when they touch the ground in the morning.

A happy senior couple that's answered some electric radiant floor heating faqs

“My wife and I decided on radiant heat because my stiff joints couldn’t take walking on another “cold floor winter.” With the Gold Heat® radiant heat mats under my tile, it can be 30 degrees outside and my living space stays at a comfortable 72℉ degrees.”

Sid DiBlasio

Seattle, WA

Is Gold Heat under floor radiant heat mats expensive to install?2021-01-14T11:43:14-08:00

No, generally underfloor heating solutions are quicker and cheaper to install than a hydronic under floor heating solution.   The installation of the Gold Heat®️ mats are completed in one-step which means installation costs are way down.

A happy senior woman who's answered some electric radiant floor heating faqs

“At my age, thank goodness for my radiant floor heat! I now have the ability to wake up and comfortably do my morning stretches without cold legs and feet.  The warm floor heats my yoga mat to a very comfortable temperature.”

Nancy Rodriguez

Gold Heat® Customer

Idaho Falls, ID

Why is radiant floor heat so popular?2021-01-14T11:44:02-08:00

The benefits of radiant heat are invisible…and that’s a good thing!

Electric radiant heat: It is a luxury feature you won’t see, but you’ll definitely feel.  Of all the advantages offered by radiant heating, perhaps most appealing is the fact that it’s virtually unnoticeable.

No ductwork, no heat loss. Compared with forced-air systems, radiant heat operates at least 25 percent more efficiently to get heat right where you need it most.

Picture a room in your house: Inevitably, its conventional source of heat—be it a vent, baseboard, or radiator—is doing its best to hide somewhere on the perimeter.

Gold Heat®️ electric radiant floor heat wafts across the entire space of your room. Given that level of complete and comfortable coverage, the radiant heat that the Gold Heat mats produce needs less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature versus a forced heat unit.

“Our winter weather can drop to 20 degrees below zero. Heating our home with propane costed us roughly $7K a year. Augmenting our propane heat with Gold Heat radiant heat mats as a supplemental heat source, our propane use and cost dramatically fell.”


Barrows, AK

A senior in a bathrobe that's answered some electric radiant floor heating faqs
Where can Gold Heat be installed?2021-01-13T14:58:20-08:00

Here are some ideas where our customer’s have had Gold Heat electric radiant floor mats installed:

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What are the energy-efficient attributes of a floor warmed by Gold Heat radiant heat mats?2021-01-13T14:58:20-08:00

Gold Heat electric radiant heat mats are a major draw for the eco-conscious homeowner.

The great thing about radiant heat is that it’s designed to warm your body and the things in it from the ground up (not just the air).

Does radiant floor heating make noise like a furnace does?2021-01-13T14:58:20-08:00

Not at all.  Radiant floor heating is silent heat — with no loud air ducts or furnaces to deal with. It’s also better for people with allergies — eliminating blown air can reduce dust mites by up to 80 percent.

Are there cost savings to radiant heating?2021-01-14T11:45:05-08:00

Most electric floor heating systems use 12 watts per hour per square foot, meaning a 100-square-foot room would use 1200 watts in total every hour (that’s 300 watts LESS than the average space heater).

More economical to operate than furnaces or other forced heat solutions, radiant floor heat can slash heating costs by 25 to 50 percent [source: U.S. Department of Energy]. New homes are the best candidates for a radiant floor heat system.  However, if you are considering new flooring for the bathroom, sunroom, bedroom, or kitchen, your home can be retrofitted easily.

Electric radiant floor heat generally makes sense as a supplemental, not primary, heat source.

“When you walk through our main floor, there are no hot or cold spots or obvious sources of heat—just a nice comfortable warm feeling from room to room.”


Gold Heat customer

NW Portland, OR

A happy couple that has answered some electric radiant floor heating faqs
Do I have to install electric radiant floor heating throughout the house or can it be installed in certain rooms?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

Most people choose to go with electric RFH just for individual rooms since the cost of electricity makes this system quite expensive for heating an entire house. You can save money if your local power company charges less for off-peak usage. Cheaper nighttime power rates allow consumers to charge the heating elements overnight for less money — then the heat is used over the course of the following day.

Can Gold Heat radiant floor heat be installed in my basement?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

Floor heaters bring the comfort of warm floors to a cold basement and are an energy-efficient heating solution. They use a lower temperature than traditional heating systems while providing an optimal heat output, thereby reducing energy usage and in turn, the costs of heating your home.

Radiant floor heating offers a great solution to this as the heaters improve the air quality of the room by reducing basement dust circulation and drying out mold and mildew.

Ask your flooring contractor about retrofitting Gold Heat in your existing space or installing Gold Heat under your new home improvement project.

Which Gold Heat mat is right for my floor?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

What type of flooring will you use?

Gold Heat vs Black Gold radiant floor heat comparison chart

Gold Heat®️ offers two types of electric radiant heat mats:

Gold Heat®️ brand – is a customizable mat designed to go around objects on your floorplan that doesn’t need to be heated (i.e. base of a toilet, cabinets, etc.).

The design of your Gold Heat radiant floor heat will match your floorplan’s exacting measurements.  A Gold Heat®️ mat is installed under ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, and natural stone tile.

Black Gold®️ – is a thin, low profile film designed to go under vinyl, carpet, laminate, hardwood, or linoleum surfaces that are rated for radiant heat.  Black Gold is not customizable and is sold in pre cut lengths of 10” wide and 20” wide.

*Gold Heat’s®️, Black Gold®️ flooring is sold in strips and cannot be customized.

What are the therapeutic benefits of having electric radiant floor heat in my home?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, which increases the blood flow to your legs and feet. Imagine waking up in the morning with a warm floor to greet you as you start your day. That’s a Gold Heat®️ custom electric heat mat under your floor.

The undeniable benefits of radiant heat:

  • Underfloor heating avoids moulds and dust mites
  • More comfortable than forced air
  • Warm feet and lower extremities
  • No circulation of dust, pet fur, or other allergens
  • Quiet operation
  • Protects resale value
  • Maintenance-free
  • No ductwork, no heat loss
  • No more sweaty feet
  • Provides relaxation and regeneration of the body
  • Safe and reliable comfort for venous diseases
  • Reduced humidity in the coach
  • Needs less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature
How long does it take Black Gold radiant floor heat to warm up?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

Depending on the flooring material that will be used (vinyls, etc.), less than 30 minutes.

How long does it take for my Gold Heat radiant floor heat to warm up?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach optimal heating comfort.

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