What do tiny house builders say about installing radiant floor heat in a tiny house?

Tiny House building experts, Jason, and Zach Francis agree on Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats and Black Gold radiant floor heat film under the flooring of a tiny house.

What’s the difference between Gold Heat’s tiny house heating offerings and what is on the market now? Gold Heat is specifically designed as a “mobile” application.

Gold Heat’s 20-year background in radiant floor heat systems for luxury RVs makes them the experts of radiant floor heat on-the-go or in a grounded tiny house.

Jason and Zack Francis, from tinyhouse.com explain in this video why they wished they knew about Gold Heat while building tiny houses and their experience with other radiant floor heat providers.

Simply put, Gold Heat’s radiant floor heat mat design, manufacturing, customer service, and support are dialed into the tiny house home building market.

Here’s what they had to say:

I wanted to share with you guys that we were able to go to Gold Heat. Thankfully, they are only 40 minutes away from us.

So we got to check out the Gold Heat radiant floor heat manufacturing plan, walk through it, and see how their production line is set up and flowing. And I have to say, it was dialed. Really cool!

They have [radiant floor heat] to a heat science.

Gold Heat continually makes a product that is reliable and consistent. That is something we really appreciate coming from the manufacturers’ side. That’s not easy at all.

And, we also go to see the Gold Heat showroom…which was incredible.

It was all radiant floor heating by Gold Heat. And, you could tell the difference. That was a really cool experience.

We are excited to share with you about Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats for tiny houses.

Our background is building over 100 houses, and we’ve tried some radiant heat products before, and it did not work out that well [in a tiny house setting].

It did not work out well because typical radiant floor heat systems are not made for mobile applications.  That’s the massive difference with Gold Heat. Gold Heats electric radiant floor heat mats are specifically designed and manufactured to operate in a mobile platform – like an RV, luxury motorcoach, THOW tiny house on wheels, Tiny House structure.

That’s a big difference. We wish we would have known about Gold Heat when we were building tiny houses.
Gold Heat has two products that work incredibly well in all mobile home applications.

Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats really work. They are amazing.”

Zack and Jason Francis with Tinyhouse.com






– Zack & Jason Francis
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