Why use Gold Heat in your new home and commercial construction?

No other manufacturer of electric radiant under floor heat mats offers the fastest and easiest installation and supports your building, construction, or remodeling project with design assistance, installer training, and on-call troubleshooting, and technical support.

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Install Speed Complex Floor Plans 1-Step Installation Tile Same Day Low Profile Serviceable Diagnostics
Cable & Strip
Cable & Membrane
Rolled Wire & Mesh (tape mat)
2-Step Custom Installation Method
1-Step Custom Installation Method
Gold Heat’s Mat  

“We Saved A ½ Day Of Prep Work Using Gold Heat Mats.”

There is nothing like installing an electric radiant floor heat mat in just under 20 minutes, customized and ready-to-install out-of-the-box, saving flooring professionals and building contractors a 1/2 day of floor installation prep.

That electric radiant floor heat mat is Gold Heat. The only radiant floor heat mat system that is custom-designed so it will fit any complicated floor plan. Plus, with Gold Heat’s exacting standards, Gold Heat mats hug every nook of the room yet leave an exacting 2″ space around all fixed room elements – like the toilet, bidet, or island!

Our Priorities

  • Supported by Real People – We know that being the best doesn’t just mean superior products, it means backing them up with superior service.

  • Satisfying our customers with quality product – Maintaining our reputation for vendor reliability with our electric radiant floor heat products is our primary motivation.

  • Designed and manufactured by Americans – American-made quality, easy installation, and safe operation. All competitively priced for the best value in radiant heating.

  • Innovative & Reliable Design – Gold Heat®️ is here for the long haul with the greatest reliability. That’s why our systems are in the industry’s leading luxury coaches and homes.

  • Understanding Your Needs – Gold Heat®️ is the best partner for your new building or manufacturing project because we know when to listen, and when to offer guidance.

  • Persistent Integrity – Our reputation is one of our best assets. We developed that reputation by delivering on every promise.

How Fast Can You Install A Custom Gold Heat Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mat?

In less than 20 minutes you can install a custom electric radiant floor heat mat under tile flooring.

Ask Gold Heat about installing radiant floor heat mats under LVT and LVP flooring materials.

Ask Gold Heat about installing radiant floor heat mats over membranes.



Gold Heat Provides Everything For A Quick Radiant Heat Mat Installation

Gold Heat offers thermostats and a thermal monitor to complete your electric radiant floor heat mat kit.

Your Gold Heat mats come installation and cold-lead ready.
The Sinope’ thermostat provides sophisticated controls of your environment with futuristic capabilities.
The LoudMouth monitor keeps an eye on all the connections to ensure simple accurate function.


Troubleshooting / Fault Finding Support


Gold Heat Installation FAQs