Residential Installer FAQs

Residential Installer FAQs2020-12-08T14:35:40-08:00
Do I need to install a GFCI breaker?2021-01-13T14:56:07-08:00

If you have radiant floor heating and an imbalance within the electrical currents occurs, the GFCI in the radiant heat thermostat will automatically and instantly disconnect the electrical lines from the radiant heating system. Gold Heat’s Sinope thermostats are GFCI protected and a GFCI breaker is not necessary.

I think I might have sliced a wire. How do I repair my Gold Heat mat?2021-01-13T14:56:08-08:00

Take a look at our Gold Heat wire repair guide for assistance with repairing a wire that you have sliced.

Need additional installation help? You can always contact our design team for sliced wire assistance. Call Gold Heat at 877.789.4328 or email

Can I cut a heating element shorter or extend a heating element by splicing two together?2021-01-13T14:56:08-08:00

Unfortunately not.
The heating element inside each individual mat and cable is designed to produce a set amount of heat: 12–15 watts/sq ft or 41–51 BTUs (the measure of energy). Shortening the length of a heating element will cause it to produce more than the set amount of heat. Doing so can:

  • Decrease the life-span of the system
  • Void the warranty.
  • Cause the system to fail compliance (based on the North American electrical code)
Is it safe to install Gold Heat radiant floor heat in a shower?2021-01-13T14:56:08-08:00

Yes! Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat has been thoroughly tested and is UL and Canadian listed for use in shower floors. However, radiant floor heating is not approved to be installed in the walls of a shower and it is recommended that separate mats be used to heat the shower floor and the bathroom floor.

How much radiant heat do I need?2021-01-14T11:23:00-08:00

The number you’ll need to calculate is called “heated area.” This differs from the square footage of the room and also the area of flooring. To get this number, you have to subtract out areas that make no sense to heat, like behind a toilet.

The red area is the heating area.  Notice that the heating area does not include the area under the tub, under the sink, under the toilet, and cabinets.

A diagram showing the answers to some electric radiant floor heating faqs

How long does a Gold Heat electric radiant floor heating system last?2021-01-13T14:56:08-08:00

 A Gold Heat system lasts more than 35 years. In comparison, a furnace can only last for about 20 years. The Gold Heat®️ Black Gold radiant heat mat lasts typically the life of your floor.

Is Gold Heat electric radiant heat manufactured in the USA?2021-01-13T14:56:08-08:00

Yes!  Gold Heat electric radiant heat products are designed and hand-assembled and manufactured in the U.S.A., in our hometown of Hillsboro, OR.

Why is the Gold Heat radiant heat floor mat not heating?2021-01-13T14:56:09-08:00

Review this troubleshooting tree for installation assistance.

Troubleshooting Diagram

Still need help diagnosing or troubleshooting an installation problem, constant us on the Gold Heat installation helpline at 877.789.4326 or email at

Do I need to install the Gold Heat radiant floor heat mat to a dedicated circuit?2021-01-13T14:56:36-08:00

A Gold Heat mat must be installed on a dedicated circuit in accordance with the National Electric Code.
The Gold Heat mat must be protected by a GFCI per National Electrical Code. If a GFCI thermostat is not used, Gold Heat recommends installing on a dedicated circuit with a CGCI circuit breaker.

What information do I need to submit to Gold Heat to custom design my Gold Heat radiant floor heat mat?2021-01-13T14:56:36-08:00

You will need to show the floor heat border and cold lead location and cold lead length (on dedicated layer).

Make sure to include 2” space, on your layout, between where the mat will lay and unmovable items such as a toilet, walls, cabinets, and furniture.

Submit your floor plan drawings in .dwg or .dxf format to

This is a good example of what the Gold Heat Design Team needs to produce a radiant floor heat mat to your floorplan’s exacting specifications.

Gold Heat Design Standards
What are my choices of cold lead lengths?2021-01-13T14:56:36-08:00

Standard cold lead lengths are 6’, 10’ and 20’.

Gold Heat offers other cold lead lengths, too. If you need another size, specify your need during the customized heat mat ordering process.

Are you able to repair a Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mat?2021-01-13T14:56:37-08:00

Browse the Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mat repair guide for instructions on how to repair a Gold Heat mat. For additional help, feel free to contact a Gold Heat Design Engineer at (877) 789-4328 or

(mat repair guide is Gold Heat repair guide 07072020)

I have a complicated-shaped bathroom. Will that be an installation nightmare?2021-01-14T11:39:14-08:00

We would recommend a custom-sized Gold Heat®️ brand mat.  The design of the Gold Heat®️ mat will be custom designed exactly to the dimensions of your floorplan.  Literally, when your flooring contractor takes the Gold Heat®️ radiant heat mats out of the box, it is a match to your floor plan and is ready to be spread out and installed.

Gold Heat®️ designs its radiant heat mats exactly to your room dimensions, careful to go around all stationary items like the toilet, the tub, the shower stall, and the vanity. The green represents where Gold Heat® wires will lay on the floor.

Can a homeowner order Gold Heat heat mats directly from Gold Heat?2021-01-13T14:58:19-08:00

Unfortunately, no.  Gold Heat® electric radiant heat mats are typically sold directly to an installer who will professionally build the heat mats into the flooring installation.

What does radiant heat look like under my floor?2021-01-14T11:40:46-08:00

A Gold Heat® radiant heat mat is made with a rugged heating wire attached to an open-weave mesh for an easy installation.

When your floor is powered up, through a thermal camera, you can see the heat trace distributed throughout your floor area. Those wires under your flooring is what is heating your space.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs

Those yellow wires under your flooring is what is heating your space. Your floor radiates 85.2 degrees, while everything the radiant heat runs into is at 73.1 degrees.
Imagine how cozy your feet will be touching the radiant warmth of Gold Heat’s under floor heat technology.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs

After your radiant heat has been installed, your RV dealership’s installation tech will read your floor to make sure that the Gold Heat system is powering up and running smoothly as it should.

Through this thermo camera, the RV tech checks for any hotspots in the wiring.

Heated flooring under infrared used to answer some electric radiant floor heating faqs
Which Gold Heat mat is right for my floor?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

What type of flooring will you use?

Gold Heat vs Black Gold radiant floor heat comparison chart

Gold Heat®️ offers two types of electric radiant heat mats:

Gold Heat®️ brand – is a customizable mat designed to go around objects on your floorplan that doesn’t need to be heated (i.e. base of a toilet, cabinets, etc.).

The design of your Gold Heat radiant floor heat will match your floorplan’s exacting measurements.  A Gold Heat®️ mat is installed under ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, and natural stone tile.

Black Gold®️ – is a thin, low profile film designed to go under vinyl, carpet, laminate, hardwood, or linoleum surfaces that are rated for radiant heat.  Black Gold is not customizable and is sold in pre cut lengths of 10” wide and 20” wide.

*Gold Heat’s®️, Black Gold®️ flooring is sold in strips and cannot be customized.

How long does it take Black Gold radiant floor heat to warm up?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

Depending on the flooring material that will be used (vinyls, etc.), less than 30 minutes.

How long does it take for my Gold Heat radiant floor heat to warm up?2021-01-13T14:58:21-08:00

It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach optimal heating comfort.

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