Gold Heat introduces its electric radiant floor heat mat concept to the tiny house industry during’s global virtual conference.

Lindsay Wood, Jason Francis, and Zack Francis of discuss the benefits of Gold Heat’s multi-solution radiant floor heat mats.



Gold Heat participated in’s ONLINE GLOBAL TINY HOUSE CONFERENCE, November 13-15, 2020. The online event consisted of 3 days of all things tiny house, including Gold Heat’s product kickoff to the tiny home market.

One thing that Gold Heat learned from last week’s online conference was the importance of building products that serve a multi-use purpose function for a tiny house.

And Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats are no exception to this mission.

The event connected the tiny house community with thought and tiny house industry leaders around the world. Part of the speaker lineup during the event was Brian Bishop, CEO of Gold Heat. Brian introduced Gold Heat’s heating technology to a worldwide virtual audience of over 200+ attendees to listen to him discuss the multi-use solution, efficiency, and effectiveness that radiant floor heat brings to a tiny house.


Bishop discussed the multi-use and benefits of electric radiant floor heat in a tiny or small house:

  • It doesn’t take up any space – it sits under your flooring material – laminate, tile, wood, concrete, and stone (EVEN LVT AND LVP FLOORING!). 
  • Electric radiant heating systems are quiet – Unlike forced-air systems, you won’t hear vents turning on and off all day, and no more clinging radiators either — just a silent, warm home.
  • Lightweight – Gold Heat is a lightweight mat with the heating elements weaved throughout the material – it’s thin and lightweight with minimal buildup. That’s why the RV industry loves Gold Heat!
  • Efficiency – It is more efficient than baseboard heating and more efficient than forced-air heating because it eliminates duct losses.
  • Allergen solution – People with allergies often prefer radiant heat because it doesn’t distribute allergens as forced air systems can.
  • Condensation reducer – Floor heat reduces condensation throughout the tiny house—for example, the toilet. The Gold heat electric radiant floor heat mat is actually around your toilet, keeping the bowl the same temperature as the surrounding air temperature.
  • Hair, skin & sinus loving – Did you know that with a forced-air heating system, your furnace is sucking the humidity out of your house? Electric radiant floor heat is the happy medium to stabilize humidity-levels in your tiny or small house. 
  • Retains the heat – Turning on your radiant heat during off-peak electric cycles allow you to “charge” a tiny home subfloor and flooring material with heat overnight (off-peak approximately 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.). The heat stored in the floor will keep the house comfortable for eight to ten hours without any further electrical input (mainly when daytime temperatures are significantly warmer than nighttime temperatures). 
  • Consistent tiny house temperature – Forced-air heat rises to a tiny home loft and ceiling. Electric radiant floor heat hovers around your lower extremities and the downstairs areas. Gold Heat electric radiant floor heating is the perfect way to deliver consistent room temperatures throughout a tiny home. 
  • Doesn’t “hotbox” your loft – Have a loft that gets unbearably hot with your current heating system? Radiant floor heat stays downstairs, allowing you to sleep comfortably up in the loft.
  • Scalable – a Gold heat electric radiant floor heat mat can be any size. Radiant heat one room (like the bathroom or sunroom) or heat the entire floor of a tiny house. 
  • Customizable – Gold Heat’s electric radiant floor heat mats can be custom-designed to any tiny or small house floorplan.
  • No more cold feet, ankles, calves, or knees – Say goodbye to cold feet. Say goodbye to the stiffness associated with cold floors. Say hello to warm extremities. Radiant heating means warm floors and warm feet around-the-clock, which is especially nice on those cold winter days when you’re stepping out of bed or out of the shower. 
  • People living with arthritis unite – Close the medicine cabinet and try an age-old remedy that has stood the test of time: heat.  
  • Radiant floor heat typically doesn’t break – usually, the only malfunction(s) a Gold Heat radiant heat mat may need support is during installation (if the installer cuts a wire or someone cuts the flooring material) or a thermostat glitch/defect. Other than that, the Gold Heat heat mat wires are safely hiding under the tiny house flooring.
  • A quick installation – want to see how quick it takes to layout a Gold Heat mat?


By the end of the conference, tiny house leaders Lindsay Wood, Jason Francis, and Zack Francis sang Gold Heat’s praises, deeming the company’s electric radiant floor heat mats as a,

Gold Heat, More efficient, more effective heating system for tiny and small houses (compared to a typical mini-split or HVAC system)”.

Gold Heat is a radiant floor heat system that can be custom designed to your tiny house floorplan. It is more efficient and more effective than a typical heat system – compared to a typical mini-split or HVAC system. It’s a great option!”

[The Gold Heat mat] is specifically designed for moving like RVs and motor coaches and tiny homes. [Gold Heat] is doing some really cool stuff. [The company] has been around for almost two decades. They are really great!”

  • – Lindsay Wood, Jason Francis, and Zack Francis of discussing the benefits of Gold Heat’s multi-solution radiant floor heat mats during the virtual event.


Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats are is used as an effective and efficient way to provide heat for the most used rooms in a home. An electric radiant floor heat mat can be quickly installed by a flooring professional in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms throughout tiny and small houses and RVs. 

Gold Heat is not sold to consumers. A building contractor can design, order, and install the custom-designed Gold Heat mat to fit the tiny house’s floor plan perfectly. 

A Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mat is simple to install, and you can lay flooring the same day.  Order a Gold Heat heat mat 



Gold Heat awarded Newmar Top 10 premier vendor


If you are a tiny house builder looking for a space-saving, reliable, diagnosable, multi-use floor heat product for tiny or small houses, contact us at Gold Heat.  Talk to a dedicated Gold Heat design engineer about your tiny house building plans at (877) 789-4328 or