What rugs are safe over radiant floor heat?

Rugs and Underfloor Heating: What You Need to Know

If you wonder what rugs are safe over radiant floor heat, here’s a great way to remember (so your rug won’t smother the floor heat)!  Adding a rug on top of a heated floor can restrict the amount of heat that passes from the floor into the room. Think of it as adding an extra layer for the heat to go through – you’re essentially making your underfloor heating system work a little harder to warm up the space.

Rugs with underfloor heating and tiles

Tiled floors are best for conducting heat throughout your room as they have high thermal conductivity, providing the best efficiency for your system. Tiled or natural stone floors are also very good at keeping the heat in, meaning that your floor and room will maintain a comfortable temperature.

Tiles are more resistant to heat than wood and won’t damage from heat spots, making them ideal for rugs. It is still a good idea not to choose a big rug.  Small, thin rugs ensure your floor heat system heats up quickly.

Rugs on tiled underfloor heating can help add different textures to the room and feel comfortable underfoot. Small rugs or bath mats are helpful for bathrooms with a floor heat system to provide comfort and warmth after showers in the colder months.

Rugs with floor heat and luxury vinyl plank (LVP)

Luxury vinyl is a trendy choice for flooring material due to its durability and ease of installation.  LVP has a wide range of finishes that look the real deal mimicking the look of wood and stone.  Best of all, luxury vinyl is easy to clean. As with tile flooring, rugs and underfloor heating add warmth and texture to your room.

Luxury vinyl planks or tiles contract and expand when you turn the radiant floor heat system on and off. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the maximum temperature your luxury vinyl flooring can withstand to ensure its longevity.

To learn more about radiant floor heat and luxury vinyl plank, watch our video on the subject.

To rug or not to rug.

This topic is challenging because some rugs do not allow a heated floor or flooring material to breathe. If you want to be safe about choosing the right kind of rug, remember this rhyme:

A loose weave allows the floor to breathe!

What type of rug is not safe for radiant floor heat?

What kind of rug not to use with radiant floor heat






Rugs that have a rubber backing. These types are not good rugs to put over a radiant heated floor.

What type of rug is safe for radiant floor heat?

A good rug to use under radiant floor heat is a loose woven rug so the floor heat and the carpet can breath

When a rug can breathe, the floor heat will rise through the material and escape into your living space.

Safety first!

Use a non skid floor mat for rugs on top of gold heat or black gold radiant floor heat so the rug and floor heat can breath








Loose woven rugs tend to slide around a floor. Therefore, protect yourself by lying down a floor skid mat (like this one). Also, make sure your skid mat allows the heat from the floor to escape.

Here’s a Pro Tip!

Once in a while, move the skid-resistant mat and the rug away from that area. Give that area a rest, and let the flooring take a break for a day or two.

Are dog beds OK on top of floor heat?

Elevated dog beds are recommended for radiant floor heat gold heat black gold It is not recommended that you lay the bed on the floor.  Dogs don’t like it, and neither does your heated floor.

However, Gold Heat recommends using an elevated dog bed on a heated floor.  We promise your pet will appreciate not being directly on the heated floor.  Instead, the pet can enjoy radiated heat instead of direct heat (which makes them uncomfortable and too warm).  Remember, dog bellies and paws like to be a little cooler since that’s where they sense the most heat.

Are you thinking about installing radiant floor heat?

Underfloor heating is associated with numerous benefits overall traditional heating mechanisms. Floor heat also allows greater flexibility in the planning and organization your home’s space and frees up the wall space for furniture and other items. Indeed, underfloor heating contributes to the clean lines sought as an integral part of a modern, open floorplan layout.

Our recommendation is to talk to your remodeler or home builder before the remodeling project starts.  If you are doing a flooring remodel, make sure you have the right radiant floor heat product for the type of flooring material that you will be using.  If you use tile, you’ll want to use a Gold Heat floor heat mat.  Whereas if your flooring material is low profile, like LVP, you’ll want to use our Black Gold radiant underfloor heat film.  

Radiant floor heat is a luxury offering.  Sometimes you have to baby luxury items more than a typical heating appliance.  Following these simple guidelines about rugs and radiant heat will allow you to enjoy its luxurious comfort for many years to come.  Trust us. Radiant floor heat is totally worth the investment in your home. Just ask the thousands of motorcoach customers who enjoy it every day on their travels or when they get home from their road trips.

“We’d never travel without radiant floor heat in our motorcoach or home.  It just makes your body feel better!”  – Jim and Tonya Crown, Vancouver, WA