An industry leader in radiant floor heating since 2003. Can be customized for any area with stone or ceramic tile floors.

The industry’s most adaptable electric radiant heating system, Black Gold can be installed under laminate, carpet, hardwood, and vinyl floors.


  • More comfortable than forced air
  • No more cold feet
  • No circulation of dust, pet fur, or other allergens
  • Quiet operation
  • Protects resale value
  • Maintenance free

A superior heating option

Consumer demand for electric radiant heat has never been higher, and for good reasons. With stone and ceramic tile floors radiant heat has become an essential addition. One that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for rest, relaxation, and entertainment.

It’s also a superior heating option. Compared to forced air—which is dry, uneven, and dissipates quickly—radiant heat is 30 percent more efficient. It provides a more consistent and continuous level of warmth throughout the space. It’s not as noisy. And it reduces the skin and allergy problems often associated with forced air.



OEMs and dealers: Heat up your sales pipeline

If you’re not already offering Gold Heat and Black Gold as standard or optional features of your motorcoaches, what are you waiting for? Our industry-leading electric radiant heating systems help you:

  • Satisfy customer demand for comfort and luxury
  • Expand your portfolio of high-end options
  • Increase upselling opportunities
  • Sell more diesel pushers with tile floors
  • Raise the MSRP of gas chassis models
  • Enhance your brand reputation and differentiation

Gold Heat is custom designed for any Class-A coach with tile floors, and Black Gold can be fitted for virtually any coach and floor type. Both are fast and easy to install—100-square-foot systems can be installed in as little as 12 minutes—and we provide all of the diagnostic tools. Best of all, our team will help you with everything from project costing to design customization to technical support.

Join the growing list of OEMs and dealers that feature Gold Heat and Black Gold in their motorcoaches:


Gold Heat is the fastest, simplest radiant floor heat to install, bar none. We support your project with design assistance, installer training, and on-call troubleshooting. Gold Heat enables you to add this highly sought-after feature to your project while controlling costs and eliminating schedule disruptions.

Gold Heat custom mats for tile and stone are ideal for adding radiant comfort to scaled projects such as:
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Luxury Home Developments
  • Luxury condominiums
  • Yachts
  • Cruise Ships
Artisan Installers and Remodelers

Gold Heat custom mats for tile and stone install very fast and very thin, enabling tile and stone installers to focus on doing high-quality work in a hassle-free environment. Let us help you add value to your project without adding stress!



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