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Gold Heat Electric Radiant Floor Heat Thermostats

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What type of thermostat should I use for underfloor heating?

First, you should know that a forced-air heater and floor heat thermostat are different.

A floor heat system runs on a dedicated circuit requiring a specific type of thermostat – a radiant floor heat thermostat.

What’s the difference between the furnace and the floor heat thermostat?

The difference between a forced-air thermostat and an electric radiant floor heat thermostat is that the furnace thermostat measures the air temperature. In contrast, a floor heat thermostat measures the temperature of the floor.

Your air temperature never influences floor heat temperature. The heat sensor installed under your floor keeps the floor heat at the temperature you set on the floor heat thermostat.

Does Gold Heat offer floor heat thermostats with custom mats or heat film?


Gold Heat recommended thermostats work with a custom-made Gold Heat underfloor heat mat and Black Gold electric floor heat film.

How do I select the correct radiant floor heat thermostat?

  • Do you want to use a technology-based or a traditional floor heat thermostat?
  • Do you want a touch screen and mobile phone app to control the system’s floor temperature?
  • Instead, would you use a straightforward, traditional floor heat thermostat with simple temperature up or down capabilities?