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Live large with the Accessible Luxury™ of Gold Heat in your tiny home project. Enjoy custom electric radiant floor heat for a consistent temperature throughout the space.

Every inch counts with a tiny home. So homeowners across the country turn to Gold Heat to warm their limited space. Not just for warm feet, but creating a comfortable home throughout. Accessible luxury for all.

Heat Mats

While forced air unevenly heats a room, Gold Heat surrounds you with even, ambient warmth. Each mat is custom-made to fit perfectly in your unique space. Step into low-maintenance, energy-efficient luxury.

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Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble and Stone Flooring

Heat Mats

With Black Gold® Electric Radiant Floor Heat Film, you can enjoy the luxury of radiant floor heat under low-profile flooring. And, with little to no maintenance, you’ll have more time to explore.

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Vinyl, Linoleum, Carpet and Other Thin Materials

Tiny House Climate Management:
Kind of a Big Deal

When you build or buy a tiny house, climate management is kind of a big deal. Typically, a first-time tiny home buyer doesn't think much about heat. They should. Because there are several ways to heat a tiny home.  

"Your heat source is a very important factor to consider when looking to 'go tiny'." 


You-dont-need-as-much-radiant-floor-heat-film-as-you-might-think-Black-Gold-by-Gold-Heat's favorite type of heat source for a tiny house is radiant floor heat. The science behind how it works is science.

Floor heating works best for small homes, bedrooms, bathroom floors, and hallways.

The heat from within the floor warms everything that it touches. This warmth continues to transfer to everything it touches and then warms the air. As you walk around your home, every room that is heated by floor heat will be a consistent temperature.

Opposed to standard air heating solutions like a mini-split, a mini-split only heats the air. This does warm the objects slowly, but it takes a lot more heat. Plus, blasting heat from the mini-split delivered at 130 degrees makes a room or loft uncomfortably hot.


Then, as soon as the air temperature reaches the thermostat temperature, the hot air turns off and the space starts to cool down. 

"If you heat air, instead of "things", that warm air is going to find a way to get outside."

Builders, Contractors & Architects

Gold Heat®makes is easy and profitable for you to deliver the Accessible Luxury™ of electric radiant floor heat to homeowners.


Gold Heat®will work with you to make sure you have the materials and instructions to enjoy the Accessible Luxury™ of electric radiant floor heat.

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Tiny Home Builders: Be a part of a builder program like no other. By joining the Warm Welcome™ Program, you'll have all the tools in your belt to create Accessible Luxury™, including promotional materials, product samples, a dedicated team of experts who have your back, and more. We're here to make sure you get amazing results that keep customers comfortable and maximize profits.

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