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(1:35) Welcome to Gold Heat custom electric radiant floor heat mats.

(:16) The Science of Heat in your home

(18:49) FAQs about Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat

(5:02) KBIS 2022 DESIGN BITES segment featuring Brian Bishop Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats

(16:18) Bill McConahy of Gold Heat explains the science of radiant floor heat. But before you get to the how of what makes radiant floor heat work, you have to know why you are cold.

(:53) Ask Bill: Do I have to install radiant floor heat all over the floor plan?


(1:23) Rapid Bath Vancouver, WA – Gold Heat floor heat bathroom shower installation

(:46) How quick can I install a Gold Heat customized electric radiant floor heat mat?

(:45) How fast does it take to install an Official Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mat?

(:56) TESTIMONIAL “I love installing Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats!”

(:18) Can you install Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats under backerboard?


(1:27) Tiny Mountain Houses use Black Gold film for under floor heat in their tiny house.

(9:54) Tiny House Industry Association Presents Gold Heat and The Science of Radiant Floor Heat

(8:43) loves the multi-purpose uses for electric radiant floor heat in a tiny house.

(1:32) Black Gold electric radiant floor heat film. Tiny House Installation featuring Tiny Heirloom.

(2:11) Ask Bill: Why is luxury vinyl plank flooring material so common in a tiny house?

(4:49) Why a mini split may not be enough to heat you in your tiny house – radiant floor heat by Gold Heat

(2:08) Big Bliss Tiny Homes Installs Black Gold radiant floor heat film – radiant floor heat installation


(:15) The Science of Heat in your RV / Motorhome

(:46) RVWA Drab to Fab project sponsored by Gold Heat – Black Gold installation

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