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Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Get to Know Gold Heat®

Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats are designed, handmade, and supported from Portland, Oregon USA. Gold Heat staffs a knowledgeable and friendly team of radiant floor heat experts to develop customized, diagnosable, and quick installation of the Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats for the commercial and residential construction and RV motorcoach manufacturing industries.

About Gold Heat®


Look at the difference electric radiant floor heating makes

While your radiator or baseboards are unevenly heating a room (sending heat to the ceiling), Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats comfortably warm the floor and keep the heat where it’s supposed to be – near your lower extremeties.

Gold Heat mats are customized and handmade to “out-of-the-box” fit around complicated room features like angles, curves, and islands.

Electric radiant floor heat mat installation is quick and simple…really!


Customized for any floor plan

A tiny house heated by electric radiant floor heating

With the ability to adapt to a wide variety of applications, Gold Heat radiant heat floor mats are commonly used in tiny homes, mobile tiny houses, residential building projects, commercial buildings, motorcoach / RVs, and professional floor installation.


Speedy installation is built in

A subsection of electric radiant floor heating laid out

The Gold Heat team is lauded in the industry by professional installers as an innovative manufacturer with a focus on developing products that are made to be easily installed. With custom designed layouts Gold Heat radiant heat floor mats are built with your layout first.

America’s premier manufacturer of custom electric radiant floor heat mats for tiny homes, residential and commercial construction, and RV manufacturing.

Who installs Gold Heat radiant heat mats?

Gold Heat provides comfort for these leading brands.

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