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Electric Floor Heat for
Natural Stone Flooring Materials
Electric Floor Heat for
Low-Profile Flooring Materials
Out-of-the-box and

Ready to Install!
Gold Heat® radiant floor heat mats are

custom-designed with a one-step installation

process... install and set tile the same day!

2022 TecHome Brilliance Award

We are happy to announce we won the 2022 TecHome Brilliance Award for Radiant Heating. The award recognizes innovative home tech companies driving progress in the new home industry with products that appeal to homebuyers in their respective fields.


2022 Best of KBIS Finalist

We are honored and proud to be among the few product manufacturers recognized for Kitchen and Bath remodeling innovation at KBIS 2022.

Best Of KBIS

Electric Radiant Under Floor Heat Mats


Gold Heat electric radiant under-floor heat mats are designed, handmade, and supported in Portland, Oregon USA. Gold Heat staffs a knowledgeable and friendly team of radiant floor heat experts to develop customized, diagnosable, low-risk easy-to-install Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats for residential construction and luxury motorcoach manufacturing industries.

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Look At The Difference Electric Radiant Floor Heating Makes

While your radiator or baseboards are unevenly heating a room (sending heat to the ceiling), Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats comfortably warm the floor and keep the heat where it’s supposed to be – near your lower extremeties.

Gold Heat mats are customized and handmade to “out-of-the-box” fit around complicated room features like angles, curves, and islands.

Electric radiant under floor heat mats installation is quick and simple…really!

Custom Manufacturing

Gold Heat’s custom designed electric radiant under floor heat mats carefully designed and hand-crafted to virtually any floor plan.

American Made

Gold Heat® products are carefully designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon USA.

Guaranteed Fast Installation

Gold Heat’s electric radiant heat mat takes an average of only twelve (12) minutes to install in a small-medium sized room.

Tile the Same Day

Gold Heat® is the only electric radiant heat mat that you can install tile the same day

Out-of-the-Box Installation

Gold Heat® electric radiant heat mats are ready to install, out-of-the-box, with minimal build up.


Gold Heat® is the only electric radiant floor heat manufacturer that offers personalized design, installation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting assistance.

Who Installs Gold Heat Radiant Heat Mats?

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