If a Gold Heat customized radiant heat floor heat mat is damaged during installation, and the location of the fault is not known, a Gold Heat design engineer can help you locate the fault.

  • Did someone use a razor knife to clean out the grout line?
  • Perhaps a badly aimed staple damaged a wire?
  • Do you think you may have cut a wire?
Fault Finder Worksheet
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Time-Domain Reflectometer

A simple handheld meter, the Fluke TS100 TDR measures the distance down the wire to the location of the break.

Follow the instructions on the Fault Finding Form and contact Gold Heat’s design team with your results at (877) 789-4328 or design@goldheat.com

Comparing your measurements a Gold Heat design team member will compare your measurements with the design of your custom mat and prepare an “X marks the Spot” fault map showing you where to look for the wire break.

Available for rental and shipped express.

The SunSpot™

Available for rental or lease to qualified electrical installers

Reveals the precise location Gold Heat’s unique SunSpot tester tells you the exact spot of the wire break.

How it works The SunSpot sends a brief, high voltage pulse down the wire to create a worm spot at the damaged location.

See the spot With an infrared camera (provided with the SunSpot unit).

SunSpot training Operator training is required when using the SunSpot tool. Ask Us!

Need Help?

Our team is standing by to assist you with your trouble-free design, ordering and installation process.

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