Gold Heat is the preferred radiant floor heat choice of for tiny house and small home heating.
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The Gold Heat Difference

Installing Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat mats take no time at all. Designed with easy installation in mind, Gold Heat products save you time!

A customized Gold Heat electric radiant heat mat fits your floor plan, it is already wired and pre-terminated. The mat is out-of-the-box ready-to-install.

  1. Lay out the Gold Heat mat
  2. Thinset
  3. Tile the same day!

Ask us about installing Gold Heat under LVT and LVP flooring.

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Save time on floor prep!

 There is nothing like installing a Gold Heat radiant floor heat mat in a tiny house. Installation professionals appreciate a radiant heat product that isn’t a hassle to install.

 The heat mat installation process takes less than 20 minutes to install and test.

 Because there is no wiring or pre-termination to do, you’re ready to install your flooring the same day.

Competitive Features Comparison

Install Speed Complex Floor Plans 1-Step Installation Tile Same Day Low Profile Serviceable Diagnostics
Cable & Strip
Cable & Membrane
Rolled Wire & Mesh (tape mat)
2-Step Custom Installation Method
1-Step Custom Installation Method
Gold Heat’s Mat  

See The Gold Heat Installation Difference

“We saved 1/2 day of installation prep time. I love that the mat wasn’t a pain to install, at all! Gold Heat makes it so easy to add radiant heat to a client’s project.”

– Ken and Tammy Furman, Geneva Interiors, Scappoose, Oregon

Newmar Top 10 Premier Vendor

Gold Heat Named a Top 10 Vendor by Newmar



Why Gold Heat Is Easy To Install

Right Size Every Time
With other radiant heat products, you have to make sure that you order just the right amount or you will be left with an overage nightmare. Gold Heat is custom designed to fit the floor plan exactly.

No Wiring Required
Out of the box is the customized, Gold Heat radiant floor heat mat that is pre-wired and pre-terminated. Simply hook up your thermal sensor, test and you’re ready to install the flooring.

Mat Spreads Out Like a Tablecloth
A Gold Heat radiant heat mat is like a table cloth. It’s already in the shape of your floor plan – just lay it out!

Simple to Adhere to the Sub-floor
Adhere the Gold Heat mat with hot glue or spray adhesive to keep the mat attached to the sub-floor.

Installation FAQs
Quick Install Guide

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