A reliable heating method that doesn’t take up any floor space. That’s Gold Heat at your feet.

Condensation Buster: Floor heat reduces condensation, that causes mold issues, throughout and underneath a tiny house.

Electric radiant floor heat has multiple uses and benefits: Install throughout your tiny house, small home, or even just the bathroom.

Significantly reduced condensation: Floor heat reduces condensation throughout and underneath a tiny house. Condensation causes mold.

Zero circulation of allergens: Electric radiant floor heat has no motors or fans to blow around environmental impurities.

Hair, skin and sinus loving: Electric radiant floor heat is the happy medium to stabilize humidity-levels in your tiny or small house.

Takes up zero floor space: Electric radiant heat saves 100% of living space compared to traditional bulky heating units.

Sits under your flooring material: laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, concrete and stone.

Perfectly fits the floor plan: Gold Heat custom designs and manufactures its electric radiant floor heat mats to match your tiny house floor plan. 

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a toasty toilet in the morning!

Gold Heat’s radiant floor heat mats are custom fit to your bathroom’s floor plan. Heat radiates from your floor heat mats to hug the toilet bowl and seat. Now that’s comfort!

Radiant floor heat retains the warmth — Turning on your Gold Heat electric radiant heat will “charge” the flooring material and the sub floor over night.

Doesn’t “hotbox” the loft — A tiny house loft can get unbearably hot with a forced heat system.

The sound of silence — electric radiant floor heat makes no noise.

Eases stiffness — Those who suffer from arthritis, joint, knee, ankle, or foot pain will delight in the comfort of the radiant floor heat constantly clinging to their lower extremities—the heat follows your movement.

Black Gold electric radiant floor heat film for tiny house building floor heat
Ken Millard, inventor and founder of Gold Heat

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“Gold Heat is a radiant floor heat system that can be custom designed to your tiny house floor plan. It’s more efficient and more effective than a typical heat system—compared to a typical mini-split or HVAC system. It’s a great option!”

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A Multi-use Heating System

How many other appliances in your tiny house have multiple purposes?

Radiant floor heat, installed throughout the home, will reduce window and toilet condensation and mold growth by keeping the flooring material, subfloor and underneath the structure dry.

Gold Heat is a proud member of the Tiny Home Industry Association. We are helping create standards within the tiny house community.

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Gold Heat CEO Brian Bishop explains to tinyhouse.com how electric radiant floor heat is a multipurpose heat source for a tiny house.

Gold Heat knows how to warm tiny living spaces.
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