Product Specifications

Black Gold is designed to be installed under laminate, hardwood, carpet and vinyl flooring materials

Black Gold® product
  • Black Gold® is available for use with standard 120 or 240 volt line power.
    • Watts per Square Foot: 15
    • Widths: 10”, 20” overall
    • Voltage: 120 or 240 VAC
  • Maximum Total Power per Zone: 1800 watts @ 120 volts; 3600 watts @ 240 volts
  • Black Gold electric radiant heat mats are sold as thin, precut electric film in standard rectangular sizes of 10” and 20” width, and approximately 1/32″ thickness.
  • Each heating element can be configured up to 35’ long, allowing for nearly infinite design flexibility.
  • Each panel is cut to length and factory terminated to two conductors, which must be routed to your thermostat.
  • Multiple panels may be connected in parallel to the same thermostat, up to a maximum of 15 Amps on a 120V system.
  • Black Gold connections are now fully-sealed in a rigid thermoplastic with a proprietary design which is fully flat on the uppe
  • In a typical installation, pockets and grooves are routed into the sub-floor to accept the connectors and wires.
  • The Black Gold panels are glued down to the sub-floor and then the flooring is installed over it in either a glue-down or floating installation depending on the product specifics and installer’s preference.

Black Gold Installation Process

Installing Black Gold under the flooring in your motorcoach couldn’t be more simple. Our process walks you through the steps to adding luxury into your product line offerings.


“Ready-to-Install” Guarantee

Not only is Gold Heat committed to providing you with a seamless ordering process, but we also offer a complete installation kit for your product so everything you will need to get your product functioning is included in your product order.

Your Black Gold® mats come in 10″ and 20″ sections—ready to install, right out of the box.
The Sinope® thermostat provides sophisticated controls of your environment with futuristic capabilities.

* Optional *

The LoudMouth monitor keeps an eye on all the connections to ensure simple accurate function.

* Optional *

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