Custom Electric Radiant Floor Heating

What is Gold Heat® Electric Radiant Floor Heat?

We’re glad you asked!

Gold Heat has engineered a state-of-the-art electric radiant heat mat ideal for installation underneath LVT, LVP, ceramic, porcelain, marble, and natural stone surfaces.

Gold Heat® radiant heat mats are custom-designed and hand-made to fit even the most complicated of floor plans.

What makes the Gold Heat brand the Gold Standard of underfloor electric radiant heating?

Flooring professionals love the time-saving prep and installation.

Gold Heat’s® electric radiant floor heat mats are installed into multi-million dollar luxury coaches, new home construction and remodeled spaces

Here’s Why:

  1. Lightening-fast installation speed (install Gold Heat in as little as 15 minutes).
  2. A 1-step installation process — install and set tile the same day.
  3. Gold Heat’s ability to customize mats to complex floor plans.
  4. The only manufacturer of radiant floor heat mats that offers diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance.
  5. Before and after the sale support.

Gold Heat Product Features


A diagram of a bathroom and the installation pattern of a custom electric radiant floor heating solution

Gold Heat mats hug every nook of the room, yet leave an exacting 2” space around all room elements.

LVT, LVP, ceramic, porcelain, marble, natural stone tile surfaces, vinyl, hardwood and linoleum

Approximately 15 minutes to lay mat, hook up temperature sensor and test

Tile the same day
Out of box installation
Handmade and custom-fit to floorplan
Fits around all fixed furniture, even toilets

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Gold Heat Products Offer a World of Creative Applications

Gold Heat Radiant Floor Heat For Bathrooms

Gold Heat Tiny Home Radiant Floor Heat

Gold Heat Radiant Floor Heat For Watercraft


Compare and Decide

Gold Heat® Electric Radiant Heat Mat vs. Other Radiant Heating Systems

Type Of Radiant Heat System Install Speed Complex Floors 1-Step Installation Tile the Same Day Low Profile Servicable After-the-sale Support
Cable & Strip
Cable & Membrane
Rolled Wire & Mesh (Tape mat)
Competitor’s Mat
Gold Heat’s Mat  

The Gold Heat Difference

No other manufacturer of electric radiant under floor heat mats offers the fastest and easiest installation and supports your building, construction, or manufacturing project with personal design assistance, installer training, and diagnostic technical support.


Let’s Get Ready-to-Install

Not only is Gold Heat committed to providing you with a seamless ordering process, but we also offer an optional complete installation kit for your product so everything you will need to get your product functioning is included in the box.

The heating element in a custom electric radiant floor heating solution
Your Gold Heat mats come installation and cold-lead ready.
The control module for a custom electric radiant floor heating solution
The Sinope® thermostat provides sophisticated controls of your environment with futuristic capabilities.

* Optional *

The tag for a custom electric radiant floor heating solution
The LoudMouth monitor keeps an eye on all the connections to ensure simple accurate function.

* Optional *

Gold Heat provides comfort for these leading brands.