Published in MotorHome Magazine on November 26, 2019

“In a motorhome, we have the freedom to go wherever we want, and to live in warm weather year-round. But for those of us who enjoy four-season camping or live in a motorhome full-time, warmth can be particularly important. Because, for as well-equipped as motorhomes can be with furnaces, heat pumps and even fireplaces, most of them don’t hold heat very well in truly cold weather, and heat distribution throughout the interior may be uneven.

And, even when plugged in, most motorhomes still require the burning of propane to stay warm, which, apart from being expensive, can be inconvenient when a refill is necessary. So, if you have a motorhome that you otherwise love and would like to keep, is there a solution? Yes, and it’s a very good one: electric radiant floor heat.”

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