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Is Electric Radiant Floor Heating Safe for Tiny Houses?

Is Electric Radiant Floor Heating Safe for Tiny Houses?

Is Electric Radiant Floor Heating Safe for Tiny Houses?

Yes! Electric Radiant Floor Heating Is 100% Safe Inside a Tiny Home! 


100% any house

Not at all! Electric radiant floor heating is one of the safest ways to heat your tiny house. The heating wires are safely sealed and tucked under the flooring material.  
Electric floor heat is proven to be more reliable than a woodstove (contained fire), propane heating (combustible), or a mini-split (system freeze).   


Can You Get Shocked From Electric Heated Floors?


It's safe! This video shows a bathroom remodel where a Gold Heat mat is being installed over the shower floor and throughout the bathroom in a residential home.

Water and electricity don't mix. However, electric radiant floor heating is designed and built to avoid safety or water exposure problems. Floor heat is considerably safer than other heating solutions for a tiny house. 

Moreover, it is virtually impossible to get shocked by radiant heating under your floor. Imagine waking up in the morning, and your thermostat program has kicked on the floor heat. Can you say warm tootsies to the toilet!

Safety first

The best news is that Gold Heat radiant floor heat products go through a rigorous testing process to ensure their safety. Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat products are compliant and meet the highest safety standards in the United States and Canada - with no maintenance needed.


Is electric radiant floor heat a clean technology?

gold-heat-electric-radiant-floor-heat-helps-people-not-store-because-no-allergies (1)

A heating system that doesn't spread dust and allergens

A mini-split's heating system sends a blast of heat out into the living spaces. That blast of heated air also carries allergens, particulates, and other dust throughout the home. As we know, dust is a leading cause of breathing problems during the night for allergy sufferers and those that snore.   

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a structural defect in your airway, such as a deviated septum, or your nose is chronically congested, your risk of snoring is greater.


No fan - no dust

On the other hand, using a radiant floor heat system for heat instead of a mini-split means no dust. That's because a floor heat system delivers its warmth using light rays, not a fan. No dust means no dusting or suffering from allergies caused by particulate build-up around the living space.


Radiant Floor Heating vs Mini Split



Take it from Lindsay Wood, tiny house are a great AC source. But use a mini-split as a heater, and you'll need to supplement that heat source with #floorheating from Gold Heat.

See what Lindsay has to say about it!


Did you know...using the mini-split's heating feature, the unit has to blow out at least 150 degrees of hot air to warm the room? 


Take a look at the two different examples of tiny house heating temperatures.  Notice that the mini-split is blasting 130 degree air at the source and eventually moves through the tiny house.  While the mini-split unit is producing heat, there is a 60-degree temperature difference between each side of the house.

While mini-split heat moves from left to right, with a significant decrease in temperature, the tiny house with radiant floor heat evenly rises from the floor.  The radiant floor heat method keeps the tiny house warm from left to right, bottom-to-top. 

What's more, the radiant floor heat system keeps the undercarriage of the tiny home warm, dry and free of mold.


What are the differences between mini-split heat and electric radiant floor heat

There is no doubt that a mini-split is a must for tiny home living.  Mini-split units produce the A/C needed for the warmer months.  However, when it comes to heating, electric radiant floor heat has the power to keep on warming when your mini-split seizes in extremely cold weather.

Like mini splits, radiant floor heating doesn't take up space. A mini-split unit sits on an interior wall while radiant floor heat lies under the flooring material.  Esthetically, radiant floor heat is more appealing because you cannot see the heating system. 

Compare for yourself

mini-split-versus-electric-radiant-floor-heat-1 (1)


Power Consumption

There is a rumor floating around the tiny house-building community. The rumor is a tiny house can’t handle the power requirements of a 15w/sq ft radiant heat product.  In other words, electric radiant floor heat is a power hog.

Not true.

That assumption is invalid because an electric under-floor heat product doesn’t need to lay throughout the tiny house to heat effectively. 

Good news! Tiny houses do not have to sacrifice performance and less power.  Tiny Houses can utilize a floor heat system that draws 15w/sf of power.  Read our blog post about: Don’t be fooled by radiant floor heat that boasts low wattage!


Let's talk about floor heat efficiency

Gold-heat-smart-thermostats-for-radiant-floor-heat-placard-for-website-2022 (2)

Smart thermostats help save energy and money

Today's radiant floor heat systems work seamlessly with the most popular Smart thermostats and applications! 

Read our blog post about: Types of thermostats you can use to run electric radiant floor heat

Radiant floor heat is stored in the flooring for prolonged comfort

Radiant floor heat stores the energy it's producing. Like a building exposed to the direct sun on a hot day.  The building with the heat from that sunlight. Notice that when the sun goes down, the building is still. The floor heat continues to warm the floor when the radiant system comes to thermostat temperature.  




Tiny House Floor Coverings

Typically, you will find luxury vinyl installed inside a tiny house. Because of that, Gold Heat has a floor heat solution for floating or low-profile flooring. 



Black Gold electric radiant floor heat film is low-profile, able to lay flat and add just 1/16" height to the flooring stack up.



Introducing Black Gold radiant floor heat film - Ideal for:

  • Low-profile or floating flooring material 
  • Tiny house owners with space concerns regarding other heating methods.
  • Socially conscience folks demand a better way to evenly and economically heat their small living space.


Just ask the tiny house experts about electric floor heat sustainability

Is radiant floor heat a sustainable heating source for a tiny house?  See what has to say about radiant floor heat is a sustainable heating source for a tiny house.


Tiny House Floor Heat From Gold Heat

Gold-Heat-celebrates-20-years-manufacturing-custom-electric-radiant-floor-heat-mats (1)

I bet you didn't know that Gold Heat has been designing and manufacturing electric radiant heat mats for some of the world's largest RV and motorcoach manufacturers for 20 years.

Today, our design engineers have taken that experience to create the best radiant floor heating mats for tiny houses and residential or wherever you have a heating need.


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