"Electric floor heat steals too much power!"

There is a rumor floating around the tiny house-building community. The rumor is a tiny house can’t handle the power requirements of a 15w/sq ft radiant heat product.  In other words, electric radiant floor heat is a power hog.

Oh contraire, mon frere!

That assumption is invalid because an electric under-floor heat product doesn’t need to lay throughout the tiny house to heat effectively. Good news! Tiny houses do not have to sacrifice performance and less power.  Tiny Houses can utilize a floor heat system that draws 15w/sf of power.  



Don’t be fooled by radiant floor heat that boasts low wattage!

Did you know?

When it comes to electric radiant floor heat, the lower the watts used, the harder the floor heat product must work to keep a floor warm. Using a lower wattage of radiant floor heat makes the system work harder to keep a floor warm – especially if you are using radiant heat as a primary heat source.

That being said, there is a radiant floor heat product that boasts about “efficiency” because it only uses 6 watts/sq ft to heat a tiny house. That concept is not as efficient as you may think.  Because the correct way to measure the overall efficiency of a radiant floor heat product is:

Watt Hour Usage
Voltage or Watts


Yes, you can operate a 15w per square foot radiant floor heat system in a tiny house! 

Take Gold Heat‘s, Black Gold electric radiant floor heat film.  This product is a simple radiant floor heat film that doesn’t need thinset, clips, or wire stringing.  The product is a durable carbon film cut-to-size, preterminated, and includes the thermostat and floor heat sensor.   

Black Gold stacked LVP diagram for installation instructions

Black Gold flooring stack up includes subfloor, Black Gold radiant floor heat film, barrier, and flooring material. Black Gold can operate under many types of flooring material.


You only need this much floor heat film in a tiny house

Take a look at this tiny house floorplan of Black Gold radiant floor heat film prepared for a tiny house builder. The floor heat product does not lay throughout the floorplan to heat the entire tiny house.   That’s good news for the overall drain of your electrical system because you don’t use as much electricity to run Black Gold.

For example, a 200 square foot tiny house only needs to cover just 39% of the floor plan!  Meaning, you will not have to install or purchase as much heating material as you might have thought.

Tiny House layout for radiant floor heat using Black Gold

A typical 200sf tiny house requires just 80-100sf of Black Gold. 

A tiny house owner has enough electricity to run a manageable and affordable 15 watts/sq ft. floor heat system.  Want to know how you can order your premeasured, pre-terminated Black Gold radiant floor heat?  Tiny House builders, get your Black Gold product specification sheet by contacting Gold Heat, today!