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Q&A with Russ Eisenberg

Q&A with Russ Eisenberg

Get to know Gold Heat's New Vice President of Business Development...he wants to get to know you!

Russ Eisenberg, VP of Business Development

Russ Eisenberg, VP of Business Development Gold Heat electric radiant floor heat 

As Gold Heat celebrates twenty years in business, Russ Eisenberg was hired at the beginning of April to lead company market expansion into the construction and remodeling industries. 

 "Adding Russ to the Gold Heat team will broaden the relationships needed to expand the brand into the construction and remodeling marketplaces,"

Brian Bishop, CEO Gold Heat.


Where were you working before? 

Russ Eisenberg:  I came from a company called Indow.  I was the VP of Sales for that organization.


What does Indow do?

RE:  Indow manufactures a line of custom interior storm windows that provide comfort and quiet for their customers without the need for a window replacement project.


How did you help that company?

RE:  I was there for 10 years, and was responsible for building the go-to-market strategy that took Indow from the new entrant in the field to the market leader. 

I was responsible for the sales process and strategy across multiple channels and designed the technology infrastructure to manage engagements with thousands of active customers.  Also, I was managing the customer service and engagement teams.


"I want to introduce Gold Heat as the solution to the cost and labor challenges contractors and builders face installing electric radiant floor heat."

- Russ Eisenberg, VP Business Development, Gold Heat


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Why did you choose to work at Gold Heat?

RE: There are several reasons why I decided to, "go Gold Heat". 

First, I get energized at business opportunities where I can take a proven product from one market and introduce that technology to another applicable marketplace. 

Second, the Gold Heat product is sound, safe, and has the best installation method I have seen in electric radiant floor heat.  It's a product that General Contractors can appreciate how quick and straightforward this installation process is. 

Third, I'm impressed at the level of customer service that Gold Heat provides.  A strong customer service department in a company gives me the confidence to promote and sell my product.  This company [Gold Heat] truly believes in its product line.  Gold Heat has a really impressive reputation in the RV industry.


When not renovating his 100-year-old home, Russ likes to take advantage of 
all the Pacific NW offers - Hiking & camping with his family to brewing his
craft beer.


What are you focusing on at Gold Heat?

RE:  Well,  I am keenly aware of the negative perception of installing radiant floor heat. I'm learning that a lot of general contractors avoid offering electric floor heat to their clients because the time it takes to install makes it simply unprofitable to offer this service.

I want to change that perception and introduce to home building and remodeling professionals that Gold Heat is a product designed to bring back that profitable service.

Today, building and remodeling sectors focus on the electrification and decarbonization efforts within their projects. I think now is the time to reveal to the construction industry the "green" alternative to augment the forced-air unit in the home.

"My goal is to continue educating these markets about the immense benefits of 'goin' Gold Heat'."

- Russ Eisenberg, VP Business Development, Gold Heat


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In your opinion, what makes Gold Heat different?

RE:  With high labor turnover and new employees in the construction industry, a contractor needs a floor heat product that any crew member can install. Gold Heat's straightforward custom-designed floor heat mat dramatically reduces the time it takes to install floor heat before a tile job.

"A Gold Heat mat is installed in less than 20 minutes, and you're ready to tile the same day. This floor heat installation method saves a documented half-day of labor and prep time."

Russ Eisenberg, VP Business Development, Gold Heat


How does one get training to install Gold Heat products?

CERTIFIED-Gold-Heat-installer-logo-3       installer-program-logo-Black-Gold-electric-radiant-floor-heat-film-1

RE:  Gold Heat is launching its Certified Installer Program slated for June 2022. The program is designed to train a flooring installer to install both Gold Heat electric floor heat products - Gold Heat + Black Gold 



Did you know?


Twenty years ago, Gold Heat had already solved the unprofitability and time-consuming installation challenges of installing floor heat (in the RV manufacturing industry). The product was developed because of the RV industry's demand for faster installation on the automotive assembly line.

As a result, Gold Heat's revolutionary floor heat mat design takes the risk and time to install electric radiant floor heat. This never-before-seen floor heat installation technique was introduced to home builders and professional remodelers, and designers at the IBS 2022 event in Orlando, FL.