Gold Heat, America’s manufacturer of the original Gold Heat® mat, the “under 20-minute installation” electric radiant floor heat mat, announces its plans to launch its flagship product to the kitchen and bath industry at this year’s 2022 KBIS and IBS Show in Orlando, Florida.

“One thing that we’ve learned from talking to flooring installers is their concern for the amount of time and the hassle it takes to install electric radiant floor heat,” says Joey Leffel, Director of Marketing for Gold Heat.“Gold Heat’s custom mat is a floor heat game changer."

Joey Leffel, Director of Marketing

Gold Heat

The time is money mantra

Gold Heat understands a tile contractor’s “time is money” installation mantra for flooring and remodeling contractors and construction outfits. Typically, installing an off-the-shelf or online electric radiant floor heat product takes a full day to install. This method is why radiant floor heat has earned a bad rap among flooring installers. And for a good reason.

Opinion about commodity floor heat products

Installing a commodity radiant heat product from a home improvement or Internet store is a physical, mental, and time-consuming installation process.

The amount of time an installer spends on their hands and knees weaving the radiant heat cables through a mat (hoping that they have spaced out the cables precisely). However, if the installer doesn’t space the heating cables properly, there will be too much cable left over.  Unfortunately, that means that the installer must start the cable stringing process again.

Good news! Too much cable at the end of the installation isn’t a problem with a Gold Heat system. That is because Gold Heat takes all the prep work out of installing radiant floor heat.  Additionally, the company touts its luxury before, during, and after the sales support (the company directly works with a client to help the installer create a custom floor heat mat(s)).

Gold Heat for kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Taking the ‘prep’ out of floor prep

Gold Heat took the prep and labor out of radiant floor heat by creating a custom-designed floor heat mat for the kitchen and bath industry. The Gold Heat mat is already wired and terminated (no need to crawl around the floor or perform any wiring) and ready to install, out of the box. A Gold Heat mat folds out like a tablecloth and lies perfectly around the room and fixed furniture – like toilets or kitchen islands.

How the mat installs
What’s more, the mat is ready to layout out and hook up right out of the box. The installing contractor removes the floor mat and the thermostat from the box, lays out the mat, hooks up the kit-included thermal sensor, then thinset the mat to the subfloor. The tile installer is ready to start tiling in less than 20 minutes.

A flooring installer in awe


Kenny Furman of Geneva Interiors led the flooring installation effort during Gold Heat’s showroom space remodel at the beginning of 2021. Remodeling Gold Heat’s showroom was the first time his team experienced installing radiant floor heat mats in less than 20-minutes.

“I could not believe that this radiant floor heat product saved me a half-day of prep labor.”

Kenny Furman of Geneva Interiors, Scappoose, Oregon

Furman’s prior floor heat installation experience was a nightmare.  His frustrations mount when stringing an electric radiant floor heat system.  All the system prep work added more time and anxiety to his remodel project.

Now, having hands-on knowledge about the Gold Heat mat, Furman admits he feels confident again recommending electric radiant floor heat to a kitchen and bath remodeling client.

“The Gold Heat product is a tile setters dream!”  

“Using the Gold Heat product, I laid it out, hooked it up, thinset the mat to the subfloor, and was ready to tile in under 20 minutes!”

Kenny Furman of Geneva Interiors, Scappoose, Oregon

A typical installation of competitive heat mat products involves a tile installer waiting at least a day after the floor heat installation before tiling the space.

“Time is money, and if I use a floor heat product that saves me prep time and installation time, that is the product that I want to use.”

There were five considerations when designing the Gold Heat product for success:
1. Product installation must be easy to understand.
2. Product installation must be quick with a 1-step installation process.
3. Support our customers before and after the sale.
4. The product must be able to fit complicated floor plans.
5. Design a floor heat product that allows kitchen and bath remodeling contractors to recommend radiant floor heat to their clients confidently.

Luxury client service

No other manufacturer of electric radiant floor heat systems offers the fastest and easiest installation. Plus, Gold Heat is supportive of your kitchen and bath project, offering personal design assistance, installer training, diagnostics, and technical support.

“Gold Heat wants to be the kitchen and bath industry’s “go-to” source for electric radiant floor heat,” professes Bishop.


Award-winning vendor

This award-winning, custom electric radiant floor heat mat is designed and made in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Gold Heat is demonstrating its’ Gold Heat® radiant floor heat product install at Booth S3875 at the 2022 KBIS Show.