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Floor Heat Temperature Sensor Hack

Floor Heat Temperature Sensor Hack

2 minute read

Want to learn my quick floor heat sensor replacement hack?

It's such a clever hack that will make you say,

"Why didn't I think of that?".


Have you ever had to swap out a radiant floor heat temperature sensor?
It's a pain, right?

Well, instead of pulling up a glued-on floor heat sensor off the subfloor, try this idea we learned from one of our motorcoach manufacturing customers.

Slip in a copper tube in the subfloor, so you can slide out the sensor.

how-to-replace-a-floor-heat-sensor-hack-gold-heat-under-floor-heating (1)


The tool and material you need

Hand-held router
Piece of copper tubing



Step 1

radiant-floor-heat-copper-tube-trick-for-radiant-floor-heat-installation-of-a-gold-heat-radiant-heat-mat3Route a pocket in the subfloor to hold a piece of small copper tubing. 

Step 2


Insert the piece of copper tubing to hold the radiant floor heat sensor inside the subfloor.




Gold Heat for tile flooring


Black Gold for LVP


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