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Luxury vinyl flooring - a great choice over electric radiant floor heat

Luxury vinyl flooring - a great choice over electric radiant floor heat

"Why is luxury vinyl flooring standard in a new, remodeled or tiny house?"

"Can you safely install electric radiant floor heat under luxury vinyl flooring?". 

Q: Why is luxury vinyl plank standard in a new home, remodeled homes, and tiny homes? 

Installer familiarity

Flooring installers, remodelers, and general contractors are highly familiar with installing this material.

Plus, luxury vinyl material pulls up for your next floor remodeling project. A flooring contractor can appreciate the time it saves dismantling a floor and installing a new floating floor.

Luxury vinyl and the subfloor

One great thing about installing a luxury vinyl flooring product is that you don't have to have a perfect subfloor…just an even one. If you ever had to do subfloor prep work, you can appreciate that luxury vinyl is very forgiving of minor imperfections in the subfloor.

However, for vinyl flooring installation, you need to ensure that your subfloor is clean and level. Leveling the floor may involve the use of a sanding or self-leveling compound.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a selling feature

Homebuyers seeking a modern-looking living space have become accustomed to luxury vinyl flooring material. A modern touch is attractive to today's homebuyer.

Installing LVP doesn't waste material.

Unlike laying linoleum flooring, LVP clicks together around cabinets and fixtures, so you don't waste any flooring material. Pro tip about a waste-free luxury vinyl installation.

Luxury vinyl plank is moisture resistant.

Although vinyl plank flooring is labeled waterproof, it actually should be labeled moisture resistant because enough liquid can seep through the cracks, grooves, or edges. Then that moisture becomes trapped under the planks and grows mold or mildew.

Mold or mildew. For that reason, electric radiant floor heat is an excellent addition to a newly remodeled floor and home. Say goodbye to mold and mildew because heated floors reduce the humidity level inside the home and underneath the flooring.

Use luxury vinyl flooring material in virtually any space

This flooring material is suitable for downstairs and bathrooms throughout the house. Unfortunately, luxury vinyl isn't always a good choice for a second-story room or dwelling - the "noise" factor from above.


The luxury vinyl flooring material must be the right thickness for radiant floor heat. The right flooring material thickness is critical because it affects the efficiency of heat flow from the floor heat system. Because when the heat flows, you'll feel it at your toes!

Examples of luxury vinyl flooring installation methods


Loose lay luxury vinyl flooring

“Loose lay vinyl” refers to a PVC flooring installation method that uses the weight of the planks—plus a rubber backing—to keep them in place rather than glue or nails. 

As such, loose-lay planks are usually heavier than traditional vinyl planks. 


Click and lock vinyl plank or tile 

A series of tiles or planks clicked together using an interlocking system that holds the flooring in place.

Click and lock planks and tiles are easy to install and last a long time. Part of the appeal of this flooring option is that luxury vinyl can be installed over existing flooring and subflooring without needing to spend a lot of time, effort, and money leveling the subfloor.



Vinyl Plank Flooring Thickness Guide: How To Choose  

Click here for a good article about choosing the right luxury vinyl product for your home build or remodel.



Q: Can electric radiant floor heat install under luxury vinyl flooring? 

Gold-Heat-electric-radiant-floor-under-floor-heat-system-OFFICIAL (1)

You can install electric underfloor heating under luxury vinyl! Luxury vinyl is a low-maintenance, highly durable flooring material that safely and effectively accepts an electric radiant heat system.

Luxury vinyl is reliable, low-maintenance, durable, and handles an electric radiant floor heat system.

Luxury vinyl is durable, sustainable, and has many varieties of designs to select from. Learn how to care for luxury vinyl flooring if you have a radiant floor heat system installed.  


Gold Heat had installed durable CoreTec LVP and LVT flooring material onto their showroom floor. Gold Heat has proven success with this product and recommends CoreTec products for luxury vinyl.


May we recommend


Black-Gold-Thermal-Camera-of-electric-radiant-floor-heat-film-strips (1)


The Black Gold underfloor heat product is thin but has a hearty heating film underneath the luxury vinyl material for a minimal flooring stack up. The film adds just 1/16" to the total flooring stack up. See for yourself!

Gold Heat, the boutique manufacturer of award-winning electric radiant floor heat products, has supplied radiant floor heat systems to the automotive industry for over 20 years.

  • 15W per square foot
  • Black Gold electric floor heat film is precut and preterminated
  • The film is available in 10″ or 20″ widths
  • Cold lead attachment in your choice of 10′, 15′, and 20′ lengths
  • The floor heat system works off-grid
  • Operates on 120 or 240V line power


Black Gold Installation

Tools and materials you will need 

Hand router or chisel
Tape or hot melt glue gun
Spray adhesive or flooring
Painter's tape
Underlayment (if installing over concrete)



The Floor Heat Hero


The real floor heat hero - the floor heat sensor embedded in the radiant floor heat system.

Did you know that the thermostat isn't the only thing dictating the temperature of an electric radiant heat system? The heat sensor embedded into the floor heat material tells the thermostat how much heat the floor heat is emitting.  


What is the highest floor heat temperature I can set on the floor?

Radiant floors should not exceed 85 degrees at the surface. Skin temperature is 85 degrees. Warmer than 85 degrees, and the body starts to feel uncomfortable. Depending on how cold it is outside, people feel most comfortable when the thermostat is around 75 - 80 degrees.


Yes.  You can successfully install and enjoy Black Gold electric radiant floor heat film under your luxury vinyl flooring...safely and reliably.

Vinyl flooring manufacturers emphasize the importance of flooring material thickness. The size of your planks or tiles does matter whether installing floor heat or want extra insulation for quiet stepping. 

When comparing luxury vinyl flooring samples, consider wear layer, level of traffic, durability, longevity, cost of installation, and aesthetic value to the room.

When all is said and done, the smart decision is to opt for flooring with the thickest wear layer.  

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No matter what setting you install underfloor heating in – whether it be a hotel room, apartment building, or luxury spa – the overlay flooring choice is vitally important. LVT is the premier choice for radiant heat projects with unmatched durability, comfort, and design options.

Without a doubt, luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for installing over electric radiant floor heat. Talk to us about installing Black Gold into your next home remodeling or home building.

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