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Why Homeowners are Ditching Forced-Air Heat for In-Floor Heat

Why Homeowners are Ditching Forced-Air Heat for In-Floor Heat

When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable, nothing compares to in-floor heat. Also commonly known as radiant heat, in-floor heating systems radiate heat up from the floor, evenly distributing warmth throughout an entire room. That all-over heat will warm your feet and extend up your core, wrapping you up like a cozy Pendleton blanket. Trying to imagine that sensation? “Step outside into full sun on a cold winter day, and you’ll feel warm even when the air is chilly—that’s radiant heat,” says the home renovation experts at This Old House.

But what sets in-floor heat apart from conventional forced-air heating, and why are so many homeowners making the switch?


Optimizes home energy efficiency

One of the main reasons homeowners are switching to in-floor heat is its energy efficient performance. Because in-floor heating systems provide consistent, all-over warmth from floor to ceiling (no hot or cold spots), you can get away with lower temperatures on your thermostat without sacrificing comfort. Forced air systems often need to operate at higher temperatures to achieve the same comfort level because they lose heat through ducts and vents. This inefficient use of energy is surely reflected on your monthly utility bill.

Improves indoor air quality

Unlike traditional forced-air systems that blow heated air into living spaces through ductwork, in-floor heat does not rely on air movement to distribute all-over warmth. This reduces the circulation of dust, dander and other allergens throughout the home. In turn, homeowners can sleep better at night knowing that they’re breathing in cleaner, healthier air. In-floor heating may be a particularly beneficial option for allergy sufferers or family members with respiratory issues.

Delivers all-over warmth and comfort with Accessible Luxury™

Of course, in-floor heat is more than an efficient and practical alternative—it’s a luxurious home upgrade. In fact, this quality alone could explain why so many homeowners are making the switch. After all, given the events of the last several years, we are collectively spending more time at home than ever before. It makes sense that many of us are investing in how our homes look, feel and function.

In-floor heating makes it possible to enhance your daily routine by transforming your favorite room or living space into a year-round retreat. Imagine creating a spa-like bathroom or a comfortable bedroom that invites you to unwind at the end of a long day. The opposite of luxurious, conventional forced-air systems are typically visible (i.e. bulky radiators) and loud, which can distract from the serene environment you’re trying to create at home.

Next steps to a more comfortable home

If you’re ready to make the switch from outdated forced-air heating to in-floor heat, Gold Heat has you covered (literally and figuratively). Gold Heat products are custom-made to fit perfectly in your unique living space—even around tricky kitchen islands or bathroom toilets. Learn more about Gold Heat’s customized in-floor heating solutions today and experience the difference for yourself.