The rise of “tiny houses” have increased in popularity over the years. It is intriguing to people to build simple, affordable tiny homes. 

No matter where you live, a cold floor in the morning is a problem for everyone. But how do you heat up your tiny home without sacrificing the additional space for a floor heater, Mini Split Heating System, Electric Space Heaters, Woodburning Stoves, Electric or Gas Fireplaces.

Don’t want to sacrifice the little bit of space you do have?

Then radiant heating should be a consideration for your tiny house.

Why radiant floor heat vs. other heating systems?
Some of the benefits of using electric radiant floor heat instead of wood, propane, and off-grid heaters are:

You can’t see the heat, but you sure will feel it!
A radiant floor heat mat can be installed under the floor.

Energy efficient
A radiant floor heat mat is only 10-15 watts per square foot. The heat stays on the floor. And because heat rises, there is no cold air captured on the floor.

Just heat, no dust or allergens
Imagine living in that tiny home that constantly blows allergens around your small space. When you don’t have dust circulating from a fan-based heating system, you create a healthier “tiny” living environment.

Virtually maintenance-free
No moving parts to a radiant floor heat mat so you don’t have to maintain a radiant floor heat mat. Simply turn the dial on your floor heat thermostat for consistent warmth throughout your tiny home.

Is buying a tiny home in your future?
Think about all your heating options.  Then, think radiant floor heat.  Ask your tiny home builder to include Gold Heat radiant floor heat mats to your floor and heating plan.

Gold Heat has engineered a state-of-the-art electric radiant heat mat ideal for installation underneath LVT, LVP, ceramic, porcelain, marble, and natural stone tile surfaces.

Gold Heat® mats are custom and hand made to perfectly fit your tiny home’s floor plan.